Monday, December 3, 2007

Cold Day In Queens

I had a big plan for Saturday. I was going to start at the Throgs-Neck Bridge and see the waterfront from there all the way out to Nassau County. I also wanted to check out the Alley Pond Environmental Center and watch the sunset over the bridges from Douglaston. But boy, it was cold!

I mean really f*@#ing cold.

I took the 7-train all the way out to flushing, then took a bus to its last stop. I walked to the end of Powell's Cove Road, but there was no opening to the water. After a half hour of walking around and finding no public water views, i made my own and found myself right under the bridge overpass. It was a very clear day and made for some good photography, but it was COLD.

My compass/thermometer on my bag said 19-degrees...but the wind was blowing at over 25 miles an hour, making it nearly unbearable. I walked along the rocks on the water with my camera and wrapped around Cryder's Point in Little Bay. I found some nice urban decay and a broken pier, but after 5 minutes i couldn't take the temperature. I had taken my gloves off to snap some photos and my fingers were numb and could no longer act like fingers. My face was purple and the tears coming from the corners of my eyes were starting to freeze.

Needless to say, my day ended a bit premature. If i can find a warmer day, i will go back to see all the other things on my list.

Here is a little about the Throgs Neck. It was another Robert Moses project built in 1961. It was built by Othmar Ammann, the same guy that planned the GW, Whitstone and Triborough bridges. It is the only major East River crossing that is not connected to the beltway system of highways.

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