Saturday, December 8, 2007

Roseland Ballroom

Its been a few weeks since I saw some live music so I thought I'd check out a show.

I went to the old Roseland Ballroom on 52nd street to see one of my favorite acts Martin Sexton. I have reviewed him before on an old blog of mine here.

The Roseland has always been one of those great music venues...and isn't hasn't changed much since the Dave Letterman Show moved in next door. But it wasn't built for just music. It used to be a dance hall. It has also been used for ice skating (the rink is still beneath the floor boards) large dinners and political events.

I have a feeling that the venue is on its way out soon with all these new corporate venues spending like crazy to get the big acts, but as long as musicians still want to play the old spots, it will be there.

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